USTCAAGNY Mentorship Program Announced

Dear USTCAAGNY members,

USTC Alumni Association in Greater New York is proud to announce a pioneer Mentorship Program this year. We aim to build a new platform for our alumni in Greater New York area to share, learn and grow together, in the form of one-on-one interactions. Mentees will acquire valuable knowledge, skills and suggestions from our senior alumni, while it is also an opportunity for mentors to improve their leadership in the role and contribute to the development of the junior alumni. USTCAAGNY will try our best to pair our alumni based on their needs, provide any necessary follow-up assistance and oversee the progress of the program.

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数学界是全球科学界最复杂纠结的一片“江湖”,恩怨情仇太多!2009年,美国科普作家哈尔·赫尔曼甚至出版了《数学恩仇录:数学家的十大论战》 (Great Feuds in Mathematics)。数学界与数学家们从来不缺看到了同行相争、师生反目等故事。数百年前,牛顿和莱布尼兹在在微积分的首创权上产生了激烈争端;天 才数学家伽罗瓦为爱情决斗,21岁早夭。数学家也最热衷排定英雄座次。中国科大数学系首任系主任华罗庚在世时,华派独步天下。华罗庚逝世之后,苏派大行其 道。中国科大数学系多年未有在校教授当选院士。龚升直到逝世仍未当选院士,丘成桐曾亲自为其抱屈。

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