Executive Committee

He, Di – Co-president
Di He (何迪, 0501) is the Co-Founder of FH E-Commerce, a start-up electronic commerce company. He has more than 5 years of professional experience in global e-commerce industry and cross board transportation service. He graduated from USTC in 2009 with a B.S. Degree of Mathematics and obtained his M.A. Degree in Mathematics from Yeshiva University in 2015.

In 2016, he joined the USTC Alumni Association in Greater New York and is in charge of Career Bridge program. In 2016 USTC New York Summit, Di He was panel manager of Career Development Panel and responsible for summit logistics. In 2017 USTC New York Summit, he was the leader of logistics group. In addition, he assisted 2017 USTC Chinese New Year’s Reception and Mentoring & Networking Program. He organized and hosted 2018 USTC New Year’s Reception.

Qian, Yuying – Co-president
Yuying Qian (钱宇颖, 1214) received her M.S. degree in Actuarial Science from Columbia University and the B.S. degree in Materials Science from the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC). Currently, she works at AIG as an Actuarial Analyst. Yuying has been managing the membership system and helping develop the mentoring & networking program since 2016. In addition, during the 2017 USTC Alumni New York Summit, she served as the panel manager for both the Entrepreneurship & VC panel and the Career Development panel, as well as the director of photography. Finally, together with Di He, she successfully organized and hosted the 2018 USTC Chinese New Year’s Reception.

Zhang, Wande – VP, Events
Zhang Wande (张万德, 0209)is a FX strategist in Bank of America Merrill Lynch. He graduated from USTC in 2006 with a Bachelor Degree in Engineering. He also holds a Master degree from The University of Chicago, a PhD degree from University of California, San Diego, and a Master degree from The University of Texas at Austin.

Wang, Chuan – VP, Treasurer
Chuan Wang (王川, 0317), graduated from USTC in 2007 and received her Master degree from Columbia University in 2009. She volunteered in several Student’s Associations and United Nations. Currently, she is a Associate Officer at AllianceBernstein, an Asset Management Company, specialized in financial derivatives investment. She also had experience at KPMG Quantitative Advisory Service, Moody’s KMV and Marathon Asset Management.

Ban, Xiaomeng – VP, Communications
Xiaomeng Ban (班小猛, 0311) obtained a Bachelor degree in Computer Science from USTC in 2007, then he took a flight to J.F.K. and spent a few years in Stony Brook University to survive the Ph.D. program. Currently, he’s a senior software engineer in Google New York office. He is honored to join the USTCAAGNY and is willing to dedicate his time to serve the alumni.

Teng, Mingfei – VP, Communications
Mingfei Teng (滕铭飞, 0401) graduated from USTC with a Bachelor degree in 2008 and a Master degree in 2011, majoring in Computational Mathematics. After working as a developer for 3 years in Shanghai, he is currently a graduate student in Rutgers. He is pleased to join the USTC Alumni Association and contribute to the community.

Lai, Dehua – VP
After graduated from USTC, Dehua Lai (赖德华,  0610) went to Temple University, Philadelphia, for master in Electrical and Computer Engineering. After that, he joined a start-up healthcare software company, named AiCure  in New York since 2012. His daily work focus on mobile app development and computer vision algorithm research. He is honored to join USTC alumni association and serve every USTCer.

Peng, Chen – VP
Chen Peng (彭晨, SA07232) graduated from USTC with a Master degree in Safety Technology and Engineering in 2010. And in 2015 he obtained the Master degree in urban planning in Binghamton University (SUNY). Currently, he works as a city assessor in NYC. He is very glad to join USTCAAGNY and willing to serve the alumni.

Wen, Zhe – VP
Zhe Wen (温哲, 0704) graduated from USTC in 2011 with a BS in High Energy Physics. He holds a MS in Physics from University of Maryland, College Park and a MA in Mathematical Finance from Columbia University. He used to serve as the President of Nankai High School Alumni Association at USTC and a Vice President of USTC Alumni Association in the Greater Washington DC Area. He is currently a Quant of Equity Research at ITG. He is honored to serve the alumni community by joining the board of USTCAA-GNY.

Xie, Xiaoyi – VP
Xiaoyi Xie (谢晓宜,0704)graduated from USTC in 2011 with a Bachelor degree in Physics. He is currently a PhD candidate in astrophysics at New York University, and expected to start summer internship at JP Morgan in 2016. He had one year’s volunteer experience at Hefei Special Education Center and helped organize a volunteer reunion event for Overseas China Education Foundation. He is delighted to join the USTCAA-GNY and willing to devote his time to serving the alumni.

Wang, Huanhuan – AVP
Huanhuan Wang (王欢欢,0201) graduated from USTC in 2006 with a Bachelor of Mathematics. He is working for SMBC (Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation) Capital Markets on model risk management. He also holds a PhD degree of Mathematics from the University of Southern California. He is honored to join USTC alumni association and serve the community.

Zhou, Yijie– AVP
Yijie Zhou (周逸杰, PB02001) graduated from USTC with a Bachelor degree in 2006 and a Master degree in 2009 both majoring in computational math. He got his Ph.D. in computational math from Stony Brook University in 2014. After that he joined Goldman Sachs working as a market risk modeler for 2.5 years and would join Citadel as a quant researcher/developer in the near future. He is honored to join USTCAAGNY and very happy to devote his time and idea to serve the alumni.

Zhang , Yongxu – AVP
Yongxu (Christina) Zhang (张咏絮 0523) graduated from USTC with a Bachelor’s degree of science in Electronic Information Science and Technology. Now she is working as assessment GE (statistical consultant) for the Wellness Resource Center. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the statistics department at Temple University, FOX School of Business. Her research interests include high dimension reduction, time series analysis and data mining. She worked as the leader of department of recreation for student union when she was in USTC. Directed and host the New Year’s Gala for her department. She has passion to serve USTC alumni community by join USTCAA-GNY.

Liu, Xinle – AVP
Xinle Liu (0603), graduated from Department of Chemical Physics, USTC in 2010, and got her Ph.D. from University of Pennsylvania in 2015. Now she is a quant in J. P. Morgan. With a few years’ volunteer experience for USTCAA in Philadelphia, she is ready to make more contribution for USTCAA in New York.

Zhou, Jie – AVP
Jie Zhou(周洁, 0608) graduated from USTC with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and got her Ph.D. from Columbia University. She is currently a data scientist at AIG. She is honored to serve USTC alumni at USTCAAGNY.

He, Fei – AVP
Fei He (贺飞, 0701) graduated from USTC with a Bachelor degree in Mathematics in 2011. He is now PhD candidate in Applied Math and Statistics at Stony Brook University, and expected to graduate and join Goldman Sachs in 2016. He used to serve USTC 07 Math class for four years and now proud to continue contributing as a member of USTCAA-GNY.

Wang, Luojun – AVP
Luojun (Victor) Wang (王罗俊, 0701-0717) graduated from USTC with his B.S. in Mathematical Statistics in 2011, and Penn State University with his Ph.D. in Biostatistics in 2016. Currently, he works as a principle biostatistician in Novartis. Besides, he is also an adjunct assistant professor of Public Health Sciences in Hershey College of Medicine at Penn State University. He is honored and passionate to serve USTC alumni community.

Wang, Junjie – AVP
Junjie Wang(王骏杰,0702) graduated from USTC in 2011 with a Bachelor degree in Applied Physics and obtained his PhD degree of Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He had served as a volunteer for one year at Hefei Special Education Center. Now he is honored to join the USTCAA-GNY and delighted to devote his time to serving the alumni.

Xu, Fang – AVP
Xu, Fang(徐方,0719) graduated from USTC with a Bachelor degree in Chemistry in 2011. She is currently a PhD student at Columbia University, and will join in the Pricing and Market Access Team at InVentiv Health Consulting after graduating in August 2017.

Zhao, Ruocan – AVP
Ruocan Zhao (赵若灿, 0800) is currently a 5th year PhD student in the School of Earth and Space Sciences, USTC. Since Sep. 8th, Ruocan is visiting Stevens Insitute of Techonogy for two years working on ocean and atmosphere environment in Knut Stamnes’s group. Ruocan graduate from the Specail Class for the Gifted Young with a Bachelor degree in applied physics in 2012 and work on Lidar Remote Sensing and Atmoshpere dynamics in Xiankang Dou’s group until now. His research interests covers satellite remote sensing, ocean and atmoshpere environment, laser radar technique and atmoshpere dynamic.

Liao, Xiangbiao – AVP
Xiangbiao Liao (廖湘标, 1100) graduated from USTC with his Bachelor’s degree in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics in 2015. Currently, he is a PhD student in Environmental and Earth Engineering in Columbia University, specilizing in the research on design of materials and structures for energy conversion. His hobby is basketball. And he is very willing to make his contributions to USTC community whenever needed.

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